Adult and Teen Learn-to-Ride Class Series

A BIG THANK YOU to Health Partners for the significant financial support they are providing to the Learn-to-Ride program for 2015!

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Have you never ridden a bike before? Maybe the last time you rode a bike was 20 years ago.  Want to learn to ride or try riding again in a safe environment?  Our Adult-Learn-to-Ride class may be just right for you. (Check the video above or the links at the end of this post.) The class is free but we would appreciate a donation. Adult and Teen Learn to Ride courses are open to anyone 13 years old or older (we’ve had 75 year old students).

Click here for the 2015 course schedule and registration.

Learn to Ride Class Picture

  • We start you on smaller bikes adjusted so you can put both your feet on the ground.
  • We use the”scooter method” so you can “find your balance.”Learn to Ride Scooter method
  • By week two, most people are peddling.
  • As soon as you are pedaling, we work on braking, steering, and safe riding.
  • The class is four sessions of an hour-and-a-half each on a flat, paved area.
  • We provide the bikes and helmets.
  • Classes are small (10 to 16 students) with plenty of teachers.
  • By the end of the four weeks, we’ll take you on a short ride on residential city streets and teach a little traffic safety.

Some suggestions:

  • We suggest that you wear closed-toe shoes that stay on your feet.
  • If it is drizzling, we will have the class–dress appropriately.
  • Dress in loose-fitting clothes that allow easy movement.
  • Please come to the class on time. The more time you are in class, the better you will do.
  • We provide a helmet and a bike to use in the class.

Successful student on practice course

Click here for the 2015 course schedule and registration.

Here is what a couple participants have said:

I have never had an opportunity or the means to learn on my own before SPOKES. Today I take my bike out daily, I have been able to commute to all the short 5 to 12 mile distances around my neighborhood running errands such as  grocery shopping and other various activities. I do not need my car much and hope in the future to make biking my main transportation mode. Since I have started biking I cut my gas bill from $180 a month to $125 a month! And that is not the only good news. I have been able to drop some pounds and my health have improved tremendously. I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish any of these things without the services of SPOKES and the great volunteers who work there. I can’t thank SPOKES  enough and the wonderful donors/volunteers who have made this a possibility.  –Fatima

July 1st 2013. My first day i learn how to ride a bicycle. The wonderful  team a SPOKES taught me how to ride in four weeks. When I learned how to ride bike I taught my kids whom never rode a bike before. During the summer my kids and I ride the bike every day, and sometimes i would  even ride a bike to work and save money on gas. The team at SPOKES have a program in place that let you earn a bike in four weeks and they taught me how to carry out repairs on my bike. Thank you so much SPOKES for giving me this wonderful opportunity i didn’t had before.  –Hodan

More about the course:

The learn-to-ride a bike course was featured on WCCO-TV’s Saturday morning local news. Some great video. You can also check out the storys in the St. Paul Pioneer Press, and the Minneapolis Star Tribune. The Star Tribune also has a fun video about the program.

Three other organizations deserve a significant thank you:


Nice Ride donated one year memberships for our 2015 Learn-to-Ride students–They can keep practicing on Nice Ride bikes until they get one of their own.

AAN-logoAmerican Academy of Neurology has donated helmets for all of our 2015 students!

Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board and Matthews Park staff for allowing us to use the Matthews Park Tennis Courts for the classes!

9 thoughts on “Adult and Teen Learn-to-Ride Class Series

  1. Fabulous video! So heartfelt. Giving immigrant women independence and confidence is such a wonderful thing. To be able to be “free” is precious and a necessity.

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